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Green Jujubes have become INEDIBLE!

Folks, we have a problem.

Green jujubes USED to taste like lime...or mint, on a bad day.

Lately, they taste very very bad. One visitor to this site likened the taste to Lysol, and I'd have to agree with her! I have been methodically throwing out all inedible Green jujubes for a month now. I hear from others that they're doing the same.

We, the jujube-loving public, have been putting up with the flexible nature of the jujube flavours for a long time (oh, just about since Hershey's bought Heide, I'd say. Ahem.). I think it's now time to speak out loudly to Hershey's and get something done!

I ask everyone who is having a problem with the Green ones to contact Hershey's and report the problem. If we don't speak up, nothing will be done.

The contact information is on every box, but in case you're out, or buying in bulk:

Hershey Foods Corporation
Hershey, PA

Please write and let me know what response you receive, if any. I will post any contact I have with the company on this page.

Heide made a WONDERFUL product, and I really believe it's up to us to speak out so it doesn't go in the toilet.

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