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Incredible Jujube Breakthrough!

Regular visitors to my site will know that I am forever seeking the perfect *soft* Jujube. Yes, traditionally they're eaten hard, but when you happen upon a box of soft ones, you'll never be able to go back. Trust me.

So, I just ordered a HUGE quantity of Jujubes from Candy Direct, hoping they would be in the factory-sealed Heide bag, and therefore *soft*. No such luck, though I will vouch that they are authentic Heide. So now I have hardish Jujubes overflowing everywhere. What am I to do?

I began to toy with the idea that I could soften them in the microwave*, much like you can soften stale bread. My first experiment was a disaster. I took about 10 Jujubes, put them in a small cup and set the microwave on high for 1 minute. I stopped it after about 10 seconds and found the resulting Jujugoo(tm). Not what I was hoping for.

So, I stepped down the heating time, added more Jujubes (about 30 this time) and only let it run for 5 seconds.


It was a miraculous experience. The resulting product was gently warm and nicely soft to the bite. Warm Jujubes...not something I'd dreamt of, but actually a very comforting, pleasant snack. And, unlike stale bread, the Jujubes do not re-harden before you have a chance to eat them. A bit of advice: I have been nuking them in small quantities, since it's easy to get carried away and eat too many in this pliable condition. Moderation, as with all things.

So I share my discovery with you, the Jujube lovers of the world. What say you?

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*The Jujube Lady takes no responsibility for any injury or damage caused due to microwaving Jujubes. Follow all manufacturers' directions and take reasonable safety precautions. I mean it.

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