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General Search Tips
Searching for information on the Internet is a bit like hunting for treasure - it's a little common sense and a whole lot of luck! Well, it does'nt have to be! Here are some techniques that will help improve your results in most search engines:
  1. Use several specific keywords (e.g., space shuttle launch)
    (this will result in all pages with the word space or shuttle or launch)

  2. Use "and" and "or" to narrow the choices (e.g., space and shuttle or launch)

  3. In Alta Vista use quotation marks to group words into a phrase (e.g., "space shuttle") and in Excite use capitals (e.g., Space Shuttle)

  4. Using capitals forces a Capitalization (e.g., "Space Shuttle" and launch)

Other Search Engines
If you don't find what you want, try these...

Alta Vista: Advanced Query
Berkeley Inktomi Search Engine
Deja News Research Service - Query Form
Infoseek Ultra
Lycos, Inc. Home Page
The Open Text Index
WebCrawler Searching

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