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Everyday Stuff
CNN - data smog!
National Post - Canadian news!
Canada 411 - for what city please...?
Yellowpages CA - let electrons do the walking!
Toronto Dot Calm
Mapquest - Planning a trip?
MTO Cameras on the 401 - See the traffic in Toronto...
Traffic flow on the Gardener! - How long will it take to get home?
New York Times - why pay a $1.25?
Project Cool - the king of cool really...
RASC - Royal Astronomical Society
Movie Listings - Eye Magazine - see what's playing
Weather S. Ontario - Env. Canada
Weather Network Ontario Satellite or Weather Network Ontario Cities
Intellicast Satellite - US Radar or Buffalo Radar
Webmonkey - web design by Wired Mgazine
Yahoo - Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

Audio On The Net!
CBC Radio - The best radio your taxes can buy!
Quirks and Quarks - Good o'l Bob!
Car Talk - Dewey, Cheatum and Howe!
All Things Considered - News with a heart
Science Friday Home Page
Talk of the Nation - Great listening...
NPR - National Public Radio
Timecast - Listen to Radio!
Real Audio - Home Page

Mac Stuff...
Apple Computer - Home base
Apple Stock Quote - buy Apple!
Mac Addict! - Apple Magazine
MacIntouch - Apple Reference
MacSurfer Headline News - Apple News
MacCentral - Apple Macintosh news
MacWorld - Apple Macintosh magazine
TidBITS - Mac Newsletter (well done)

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