Amy's RabbitRant of the Month Archives


Fall is approaching and the weather is starting to turn cooler. Do you have a rabbit (or several?) in a hutch in your backyard or living on your porch or balcony? Rabbits make excellent house pets and now's the time to bring them inside permanently and see what fabulous beings they are! Their charm, cuteness and the love they'll give you are being wasted unless they get to interact with you on a daily basis!

And don't forget: fall also means longer your rabbits are at greater risk due to their natural enemies -- dogs, owls, etc. Did you know a rabbit can die simply from the fear caused by the presence of a predator? It doesn't have to lay a claw on your sweet little rabbit to scare it to death. Please consider bringing him or her inside with you where it's warm and safe.

Here are a few things to consider in order to make both you and your bunny happy with your new living situation:

Okay, now your home is bunnyproof. What do you do with this adorable ball of fuzz? How do you get him or her to enjoy spending time with you?

Well, it's time for me to send you to a place that knows more about bunnies than I ever will! The House Rabbit Society is a great organization that has all the information you'll ever need, all on one website. Visit them at and you can read all about bunny behaviour, diet, training secrets and everything else you'll need to know.

Bunnies are intelligent, sweet and fun animals that will reward a patient bunny person with many years of amusement and love. You will be very glad you brought your bunny in from the cold!

Disclaimer: Amy is not a vet. She is a person who loves rabbits. Please consult a qualified rabbit veterinarian when making any changes that will affect your rabbit.