Welcome to the Newton Gallery!

Newton's abode (just the top of it, really).
Note the deluxe scent-hiding container of pellets atop the Rubbermaid hay bin...
her water bottle with floating rubber ducky water-level indicator...
and her personal favourite: the artwork which reads "Everyone needs someBUNNY to love"

Newton falling asleep, all tilty, on the top of her cage.
She only tilts like this when she's on her cage.
She's weird.

A BIG meatloaf bunny.
Very oval.

Waking up now. Look at her little pink mouth! She's so cute!

Newton shows her extreme displeasure at the indignity
of being dressed in a pink Starbucks Barista Bunny apron.

Notice the aggressive posture of the back toes -- claws extended...
ready to scratch whatever she can reach as punishment for my silliness!


Don't try this at home. Or else.

Newton takes a firm stance against junk mail.


Possibly the cutest sight in the universe: a bunny in mid-yawn!

Newton...incredibly cranky; incredibly adorable

Hey! Put down that camera and rub my head!

Digging for hay

There's this one piece of hay at the bottom of the dish
and it's WAY better than all the other pieces of hay.
I have to get that exact piece! Get out of my way!


We call this the Semi-Meatloaf position.
She's got the most delicate little legs and a soft white tummy.

So beautiful!

A tasty branch is a bribe in a desperate attempt to get Newton
to hold still and say cheese.
Gives you a good peek at her lovely face
and you can almost see her long black eyelashes!

Get me some shades, man

Newton in the great outdoors (okay, so it's the backyard).
Someone get her a pair of bun-sized Wayfarers!

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Last modified: January 7, 2000
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