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Friday, January 1 -- Cold

Mrs. L. woke me before 9 so had breakfast and then Nathalie and I went out to the Water-shop pond back of Springfield College. Had a great time only I can't skate very well and ankles soon get tired. Then after lunch slept a while. Then in evening Dodo and I went to see "The Chocolate Soldier" which was very very good. How I loved the musical plays and operas.

Saturday, January 2

Worked all day.

Sunday, January 3 -- Pleasant

Worked all day on district. Began at 8:45 to 5:15 pm. All over this city. Was here for lunch.

Wednesday, January 13

Worked all day. Mrs. Lewis met me in Forbes + Wallaces while we had lunch. Then we looked at coats and I bought one in Burnhams for $25. A $50 coat. In the evening I worked shortening the bottom of it.

Thursday, January 14

Worked on district as usual. Dodo came down in the evening. Listened to the radio.

Friday, January 15

Worked all day. Then in evening Dodo, Bud and I went to Court Sq theatre to see "The Student Prince which was delightful. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Saturday, January 16

Worked in the morning. Then in pm went shopping. Bought cloth for me. A dress.

Sunday, January 17

Slept until 12:30. Just got up in time for dinner. Then we played tennis ping pong all afternoon and evening. Mr and Mrs Rogers and Constance were here for popcorn etc. Then Dodo came in the evening to listen to Eddie Cantor on the radio.

Monday, January 18

Worked all day. Nothing unusual. Dodo came in the evening and we did puzzles.

Tuesday, January 19

Worked in am. Had clinic in pm. Had about 28 babies there.

Wednesday, January 20

Worked all day. In evening went to hear a lecture about how America lives in the machine age by Mr. Leidler which was very good.

Thursday, January 21 -- Snow

Worked all morning. Then at 12:00 got my hair waved in Meekins. Came home about 2 pm. Snowing so hard I curled up and slept all afternoon.

Friday, January 22

Worked as usual all day. Then in evening didn't do a thing but puzzles. Went to bed early but read till 1 am.

Saturday, January 23 -- Rain

Worked all day. Read at noon as I ate my lunch. Went with Mrs. Tucker and Miss Hatch to see Cassile's Engagements -- a 4 act comedy put on by The Women's Club at the Masonic Temple. Had 1/2 a grapefruit before going to bed.

Sunday, January 21 -- Cold, pleasant, windy

Slept all morning. Read from about 10 o'clock on. Got up about 12 and took a shower then dressed. Had dinner about 12:30. Then Mr. Lewis went up to see Mrs. L in hospital. Sewed a bit, then slept all pm. Ate supper and helped with dishes. Washed some stockings and did my nails. Wrote letter to mater. Now guess I do a puzzle and go to bed once more.

Friday, February 19

Worked all am. Got thru about 1 pm. Came here, dressed, ate a bit and then went to station. Got 3:45 train home. Dad and mother met me. Seems rather good to see the folks. Hadn't seen them for 2 months. Not since Xmas. Just visited after eating supper. Read for a bit as I had such a headache.

Saturday, February 20

Dad and I rode down street. Went to bank then up to Gibson's. Saw the baby for a few minutes. The cutest fellow. Just 6 months now. Then after dinner we drove up to Ludlow. Stopped at Josie's, Evelyn's, Gramps' and jewelers where I left my watch to be fixed. Home. Mr. Heald came and talked insurance for an hour or so. Paul stopped in on his way from Rutland. Read till 2:30 in am. Nat and Ernest went to the movies over to Springfield VT.

Sunday, March 6

Slept, ate, read all morning. After lunch read till I went with Mrs. Smith to passion song at South Church. Then home in rain. Supper, tennis, wrote letter to Mater. Did a few records and lo it's now 11:30.
Don't know why but I'm in a blue mood. Life's so funny. I'm tired tired all the time. Can't seem to find the zest I need for my works. I don't dislike my job. Still I want more fun. Fact is, I want a boy friend. One to take me to the movies and dances. To love me and cherish me with gentle care. Why can't I have it? I'm not so hateful to look at, though no beauty. I'm not a fool If I do act it. Queer undecipherable.

Saturday, April 30 -- Rain

Spring seems late this year. Rain off and on for two weeks now. With the muddy roads it's been hard to do the rounds. Saw first coltsfoot blooming today. Picked some for a poultice for Gibson's oldest, should help that cough. Tired today but those bright yellow blooms did pick me up a bit. Hope to visit Mother and the family soon, if the roads clear up.

Sunday, May 8 -- Pleasant

Mrs. Lewis got me up about 8. Breakfast, then they carried me to the station and I got the 9 o'clock train in. Got in here at 11:45. Went on out to Lynn. Sophie had dinner all ready. After dishes Rocco took us for a short ride. Then visited. Then friends were in and we played cards and ate peanuts.

Monday, May 9 -- Pleasant

Got up and visited Sophie until she had to go to work. Then back to bed till nearly 11. Then picked up, made beds, got dinner. Sophie and Rocco came and I rode back to station with them. Crossed by ferry out to Winnie's to shop after keys. Then after supper, Marion and Hazel and I went to the movies. Saw Maurice Chevalier in "One Hour With You". I don't like him at all, though can enjoy his singing if one shuts the eyes.

Tuesday, May 10

I got up when the girls went off to work but read etc. Worked on my red pajamas. Ate lunch with Winnie. Then she walked down with me to where we got a taxi and I went on over to the hospital about 3:30. Was admitted to A2, room 2.

Thursday, June 16

Was a bit late in getting up. Rode to work. Then drove out from garage to Indian Orchard. Turned around in street. Then Mrs. Campbell had called all am. This was undecipherable so I was alone all the rest of the day. Read during the noon hour. Then set out at 2. Walked what seemed to be miles so came back to office a bit early and did records only to miss my car in and have to wait for the next. No letter from Mother tonite either. Hard thunderstorm tonite after rainy this am. Have sewed a bit tonite.

Friday, June 17

Went home to see the folks. Dad had just got back with Gramps from fishing. Lots of trout, but more mosquito bites. Garden is doing well. Time slows down when I'm home.

Friday, October 28 -- Cold

Helped Mother with the house work. Then in the afternoon went up to Bern's and on up to Evelyn's cross-lots. Then she and I rode up to Gassetts and out to town -- farm. Got caught in shower coming home. Mother and Dad went up to Proctorsville -- Lodge doings. Earl and Ethel and Winnifred came in for few minutes. Ernest Manley and Nat and I went out to Springfield to the movies. Saw Norma Shearer in "Smiling Through". I thought it was very, very good. Natalie cross and ugly all evening.

Saturday, October 29 -- Pleasant

Well, I'm 24 years old today. How fast the years do go by. How I wish they didn't. One dreads becoming old. Helped Mater with the housework. Then after dinner Dad saddle and I rode the horse back to Springfield. About 10 miles or so. Then home. In the evening Ethel and Earl and Winnifred came by. Brought me a box of chocolates. Mother and Dad gave me silk stockings. Had cider and apples. Read for a while after going to bed.

Sunday, October 30 -- Cool - Pleasant

Got up about 9. Mother had made french toast. Then just fix clothes etc. Helped a bit with dinner. Wiped dishes. Ruth and Paul Jr. ran in a minute. Brought me a box of candy. Evelyn ran in a sec on the way from church. Dad and Mother took me to Bellows Falls and I took the train from there. Taxi from station. Found a pink spread, bed lamp and nice pink pillow on my bed: gift from family I suppose. Read papers then unpacked etc. Now must get me to bed for it's 10:30 now.

Monday, October 31 -- Cool, pleasant

Worked out in the orchard with Miss Crofts, Miss Petrell and McCarthy. But Miss Petrell left at noon. Then as I'd forgotten my lunch, we ate at Sam's diner. Then back. In evening didn't do much of anything. Did do a bit of painting on some Xmas cards. Had bath and fixed the impetigo on my face. Then bed.

Tuesday, November 1 -- Rain

Walked to Olivet. Rained all morning. Got my feet soaking wet. Bathed a baby. A dressing and hot turpentine stupes and rub. Walked to office and ate my lunch. McCarthy drove Crofts into Pine Point on the pm. I had a car in pm and drove McCarthy about as it just poured. In evening went over to library then just puttered about. Went to bed and read for a little.

Wednesday, November 2 -- Pleasant, cool

Walked to work. Miss Mole went into Wesson Hospital to have an operation for appendix in am so Miss Crofts is back in Olivet and I am supposed to have charge in the orchard. Worked all am. Then had clinic this pm. About 40 babies there. 2 visitors from the staff. Miss Durwood drove me in but I had to take the car over to the garage. Don't know. May play cards tonite.

Thursday, November 3 -- Cool

Dr. Wilkins worked today. Very very handsome man. 23 babies today. Saw Hilda and Ethel tonight. Not sociable at all.

Tuesday, November 8 -- Cold

Worked all day. Then after work walked down from garage. Stopped at Commercial High School and cast my first vote for Pres. Hoover.

Wednesday, November 9 -- Rain

Worked all day. Dodo came down in the evening and we played cards but it was raining so hard when time to go that she stayed all nite with me.

Thursday, November 10

Worked as usual. Dodo visited with Mrs Lewis until nearly 2:30 pm.

Friday, November 11 -- Pleasant

Well, this is Armistice Day once more. Slept for quite a while in the am. Then washed my hair, fixed some plants, my gloves washed. Worked a bit on my pajamas. In pm Mrs. Lewis and I went to movies. Saw George Arliss in "Successful Calamity" and John Boles and Irene Dunn in "Back Street". Both very good indeed. Served in evening.

Saturday, November 12 -- Rain

McCarthy had to go to a funeral so Miss Trudeau came out and worked with me instead. I enjoyed it much more. But she had to go in and work in there in the pm. Got off at 4 pm but it was really later. Then was picked up by Crofts and went downtown shopping. At supper Mr Lewis flew mad at something so I stayed upstairs all evening coloring my Xmas cards.

Sunday, November 13 -- Cold, pleasant

Woke up about 9 am or so so got up and had my bath. Then dressed and went over to South Church to hear Dr. Gilkey. It was very good as he usually is. After dinner I sewed on Xmas things all afternoon. Slept from 4:30 and then had popcorn and supper. Then I wrote a letter to Mother. Then cleaned my desk. Bed at 10 but read till 12 or so. Did not sleep esp. well as I was too cold.

Monday, November 14 -- Cold

Was too late so I rode to garage. Got car. Then out to orchard with McCarthy. Worked all morning doing Mrs. Piro. Heath and out to visit St. Marie. Lunch. Read. Then worked out by Boston Rd etc. Went to library then did my ironing. Mrs. Hovey and Constance came over for a few minutes. Helped do a puzzle. Then bed with my new pajamas.

Saturday, November 19 -- Cold and snow

Snowed hard all this am so slept until 11:15. First storm this year. Dodo came down to have dinner. Then Dodo and I worked on coloring Xmas cards until 2:00. A letter finally did come from Dad and Mother. Had to carry Mrs. Hovey to her son's near the quarries. Did a puzzle tonite then bed. Dr. Wilkins works again this Tuesday.

Sunday, November 20

Slept all morning, curled up like a cat. Still snowing. Ate meatloaf and sewed all night. Read Tennyson until midnight. All is still because of snow.

Tuesday, December 20

It's cold and five inches of snow has fallen overnight. I am tending Mrs. L. She might have the flu. I made her some soup. Read her a two part play this morning and she was feeling better.

Saturday, December 24 -- Cold, snowy

Bought a lot of gifts. Dodo came over -- had hot chocolate. Went outside and made snowman.

Sunday, January 1, 1933 -- Happy New Year!

Snowed today, actually expected a blizzard, but no. Happy about that. No work, but got up early for celebration. Went skating after lunch. Hope to get good enough so that my ankles stop hurting every time I try. Also spent time after lunch sewing pillow shams for Dodo's birthday. She said she liked the ones I have on my bed. Have little left. Hope she'll like them. Leaving on late train day after tomorrow. I hate to leave Mater and Father, but I miss Springfield when I'm not there.

Books I read:
1. Subconscious Courtship
2. Solitary Horseman
3. The Curious Guest
4. Rose Garden Husband
5. Job's Niece
6. Loyal Lover
7. Lighted Windows
8. Orange Divan
9. Miss Pinkerton
10. Her Pirate Partner
11. Tarzan and the Lost Empire
12. Kerry
13. Swift Waters
14. Flutes of Shanghai
15. American Beauty
16. If I Were You
17. The Gold Shoe
18. Little Girl Lost
19. Charis Sees it Thru
20. Fathoms Deep
21. Tennyson's Poems

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