A worldwide tribute to Anne Singer!

presented by her kids: Amy & Philly (daughter and son-in-law)

This weekend, our family celebrates a special event: the college graduation of Anne Singer. Health reasons had prevented her from completing her course of study many years ago. In the time since then, she's raised a family, become an accomplished businesswoman (and a nice lady, too), but she still felt it was important to go back and finish what she started. (Personally, we think she decided what she was missing was reams of essays to write and assignments to research.)
We're very proud that Mom has earned her bachelor's degree -- Summa cum Laude, no less!

So, with that in mind, please indulge us as we abuse technology and say a rousing hey nonny nonny to Mom. College graduate, businesswoman, wife, mother. We think we'll keep her.

Top 10 Reasons We're Proud of Our Mom

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Thank you for joining us to celebrate this monumental achievement.
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Amy & Philly
May 28, 1995